According to the results of the conference, two books of conference proceedings are published – one by the RNTORES Society; the other is by the IEEE. Therefore, the authors first submit abstracts of reports (2-5 pages), upon the review of which a decision is made to include them only in the proceedings of the RNTORES or on the possibility of expanding the abstracts to the full article and to include them in the works of the RNTORES (only abstracts) and in the proceedings of IEEE (full article). All decisions are made before the start of the conference and determine the registration fee. Thus, to participate in the conference, the authors need the following:

  1. Specify the section number.
  2. Abstracts and attached files must be submitted in Russian in MS Word in accordance with the requirements.
  3. There are two ways to submit abstracts: through site or email address
  4. Abstracts are reviewed, and authors are notified of the decision on abstracts – reject / accept in the Proceedings of the RNTORES / accept in the RNTORES and expand to an article for IEEE.
  5. If it is accepted only at the RNTORES, correct the comments of the reviewers, send the corrected abstracts, pay the basic registration fee corresponding to the publication only in the works of the RNTORES.
  6. If it is accepted both in RNTORES and for publication in IEEE, then correct the comments of the reviewers and send the corrected abstracts again.
  7. Extend abstracts to a full paper of at least 4 and no more than 5 pages. The article should be prepared in English. The title of the article should not coincide with the title of the abstract. The article should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of IEEE.
  8. It is recommended that you prepare an paper in advance in order to speed up the process of submitting and reviewing materials.
  9. The file name should be IEEE_NUMBER_SURNAME.pdf (e.g. IEEE_013_IVANOV.pdf), where NUMBER is your number of application (will be send by organisation comitee) and SURNAME is surname of main speaker.
  10. The file with the paper and the verification confirmation from IEEE PDF eXpress is submitted through the site.
  11. The paper is reviewed, and a decision is made on the possibility of its inclusion in IEEE.
  12. You need to check for compliance using the IEEE PDF eXpress service after 15th of March (conference id 48919x).
  13. Pay the appropriate additional registration fee.

Abstracts accepted for publication only in the Proceedings of the RNTORES Society are published in and indexed by the RSCI

Full articles are published in IEEE Proceedings and indexed in SCOPUS

Any publication requires a presentation at the conference by one of the authors.

The organizing committee reserves the right to reject articles that do not meet the requirements specified above.

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