The 20th International Conference


We invite you to the annual International scientific and technical conference “Digital signal processing and applications – DSPA-2018”!

Russia, Moscow

March 28-30, 2018

Venue of the conference:

Institute of Control Sciences. V.A. Trapeznikova.
Moscow, Profsoyuznaya str., 65.

Acceptance of papers is open until

February 25, 2018


Organization of the conference in the form of plenary and problem-thematic meetings and round table meetings. Plenary reports will be presented in the main areas of the conference.

Working languages ​​of the conference are Russian and English.

Procedure for submitting the report:

  1. Register on the conference website;
  2. Edit the report as required; (The Russian version is mandatory for the application. In case of publication in the IEEE Xplore, the English version of the report is also obligatory);
  3. Send your report to the e-mail; (Including annotations in Russian and English, examination certificates or other documents permitting the publication of the material in open print. Scan-copy.)
  4. Pay the registration fee and send the photo of the paid receipt to the e-mail, see the contributions page;
  5. In case of successful selection of your report, expect the letter to the e-mail indicated when sending the report;
  6. Expect yourself on the list of participants.

The appearance of your report on the participants page means that you have fulfilled all the conditions and successfully passed the registration for the conference.

For all questions you are interested in you can contact the people responsible for this or write to us on the contact page.