The 20th International Conference


We invite you to the annual International scientific and technical conference “Digital Signal Processing and Applications – DSPA”!

The conference is supported by the Popov Society of Radio engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences RAS, Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS, Russian URSI Committee and International Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations.

We solve problems of consolidation and support of scientists and specialists working in the field of advanced real-time information technologies, expanding international scientific ties and promoting the introduction of high-tech technologies of the 21st century.

Reports are published in the Conference Collection, affiliated with the RINC, and selectively, on the recommendation of the organizing committee of the conference, in the IEEE Xplore Collection.

Organizers of the conference: in the form of plenary and problem-thematic meetings and round table meetings. Plenary reports will be presented in the main areas of the conference.

Working languages ​​of the conference: Russian and English.

Procedure for submitting the report:

  1. Register on the conference website;
  2. Edit the report as required; (The Russian version is mandatory for the application. In case of publication in the IEEE Xplore, the English version of the report is also obligatory);
  3. Send your report to the e-mail; (Including annotations in Russian and English, examination certificates or other documents permitting the publication of the material in open print. Scan-copy.)
  4. Pay the registration fee and send the photo of the paid receipt to the e-mail, see the contributions page;
  5. In case of successful selection of your report, expect the letter to the e-mail indicated when sending the report;
  6. Expect yourself on the list of participants.

The appearance of your report on the participants page means that you have fulfilled all the conditions and successfully passed the registration for the conference.

For all questions you are interested in, you can contact the people responsible for this, or write to us on the contact page.

Conference sections:

1. Theory of signals and systems;
2. Images and audiosignals signal processing;
3. Signal processing in telecommunications systems;
4. Signal processing in radio engineering systems;
5. Signal processing of biomedical signals;
6. Design and technical implementation of devices and
digital signal processing systems;

Popov Society of Radio engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication
Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences RAS
Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS
Russian URSI Committee

International Union of Scientific and Engineering Public Associations
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)
Federal Agency for Industry of the Russian Federation Moscow Aviation Institute (University)
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman
Institute for Informatics Problems, RAS Moscow Technological University
OJSC “RTI” Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (University)
OJSC GSKB Concern of Air Defense “Almaz-Antey” Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics
CJSC “Instrumental systems” Moscow Power Engineering Institute (University)
NTC “MODULE”  Ryazan State Radio Engineering University
OJSC “Radio Engineering Concern Vega” St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications prof. A.M. Bonch-Bruevich
OJSC “Concern” Sozvezdie “ Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University of Telecommunications” LETI “VI Ulyanov (Lenin)
State Unitary Enterprise SPC “Elvis” Ulyanovsk State Technical University
Vladimir State University Yaroslavl State University
Chairman of the International Committee: Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gulyaev Yuri Vasilievich.
Co-chairmen: Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vasilyev SN, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Kalyaev IA, Kirpichnikov AP, Academician of RAS Sigov AS, Academician of RAS Fedorov IB
Chairman of the Program Group: Corresponding Member. RAS Zubarev Yuri Borisovich
Members of the Program Group:
Prof. Ajemov A.S. (Russia), corresponding member. RAS Borisov VI (Russia), Doctor of Technical Sciences. Borisov Yu.I. (Russia), Academician of RAS Bugaev AS (Russia), Prof. Vityazev V.V. (Russia), Prof. Lukin V.V. (Ukraine), Prof. Mitra M. (USA), Prof. Petrovsky A.A. (Belorussia), Prof. Saramaki T. (Finland), corresponding member. RAS Cherepenin V.A. (Russia).
Administrative group of the International organizing committee: Prof. Bartenev VG, corresponding member. RAS Dvorkovich AV, Prof. Vasilyev K.K., Prof. Dzhigan VI, Prof. Dvorkovich VP, Zubarev RV, Prof. Pozhidaev VN, Doctor of Technical Sciences Priorov AL, Prof. Prokhorov Yu.N., Assoc. Samsonov GA, Prof. Sannikov V.G., Assoc. Sergienko AB, Prof. Skachko Yu.V., Prof. Solonina AI, Prof. Sokolov IA, Prof. Speransky VS, Assoc. Steshenko VB, Prof. Favorsky M.N., Prof. Chobanu M.K., Prof. Shinakov Yu.S., Prof. Yampurin N.P.