Requirements for registration for publication in the affiliated RICC Conference Digest:

Texts of reports are prepared only in the Microsoft Word editor (any version). In other editors (for example, in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)), reports are not accepted! The volume of the report is up to 5 pages of A4 format. They are sent only in electronic form to the e-mail The file names must begin with the authors name. To identify the report materials after the name, it is indicated what kind of file it is (report, application, abstract). The names of the files are written in Russian letters. Archiving does not apply!

Additional explanations:

  1. The title of the report is made out in CAPITAL font ARIAL 12pt. All the rest (excluding the annotation) is made out font Times New Roman usual, 11pt.
  2. All the fields of the page are 2.5 cm.
  3. The authors indicate their status, last name and after the surname the initials. If authors from different organizations, they number their organization and themselves a corresponding figure in the upper index mode. The index is placed before the name of the organization and the author’s names. Statuses of autors, academic degree plased before the autors’ names are following: professors – prof., associate professor – assoc., assistant – assist., teacher or senior teacher – teach., postgraduate – phd., engineer of any category – engineer, student – student. Employees of enterprises and organizations indicate the level of qualification (doctor, candidate of technical, physical and mathematical sciences, etc.) in the standard reduction. The same applies to the approved scientific title.
  4. The name of the organization is as complete as possible. Economic affiliation is printed with an abbreviation, for example, JSC, LLC, FSUE, etc. Universities and military academies are printed only by name and without abbreviations.
  5. Abstract in Russian (from 500 to 1500 characters). Enter a space in the 1 line before the annotation and after it, and also before the text of the report.
  6. The text of the report. The words “drawing” and “table” are printed everywhere. The word “table” is placed on the right and above the table name. The word “Figure” and the name to it are printed in the center. Drawings and tables do not wrap around text!
  7. Literature. Print the the word “Literature” in the middle (bold). After that print the list in the form of the list. Align on the left side, and then digitize. The word “Literature” is separated from above and below by a space in 1 line.
  8. Abstract in English. The title is similar to Russian, but in English. Authors, organization and text annotations print in font Times New Roman conventional, 11pt. The use of automatic translation systems is not desirable. Annotation in English should be placed in a space of 2 lines after the list of references. The abstract in English can be sent in a separate file.
  9. Notes: Pages are not number. Formulas are made in the built-in editor of the Microsoft Word formulas (not in other editors!). Long formulas should be printed in two lines with a break in the signs “+”, “-“, “=”. Formulas in the form of images can not be printed. Graphs, photos, histograms in the text of the report must be in black and white. Thin lines can not be printed, make them thicker. The name of the drawing and the alphabetic enumerations should not be added to the drawing area. Check the report visually on the computer monitor screen at a scale of 100% (in A4 size).
  10. In summary, the whole report, including the abstract in English, should not exceed 5 pages of A4 format.

Requirements for registration for publication in the IEEE Xplore Collection:

Detailed requirements and sample design can be downloaded from the link: IEEE_req

Materials that do not meet these requirements will not be published!