We have long been accustomed to the fact that with active use of mobile devices you need to charge two or even three times a day. Help comes portable batteries, but this does not cancel the fact of constant “trips to the outlet.” Change everything can technology called Wi-Charge, which is able to turn the whole room into one large wireless “charging”, which will save you from so annoying wires.

It is worth noting that in Wi-Charge technology, the wireless charger is mounted on the ceiling of the room, allowing you to charge the battery anywhere in this room. Wi-Charge uses a principle very similar to the already known induction charging, but unlike Wi-Charge, it needs a close contact of the phone with the base.

The company-developer of Wi-Charge technology when creating their devices took into account the fact that different batteries have different capacities and, accordingly, are charged in different ways. Therefore, there are several options for work: Light is designed to quickly recharge mobile phone batteries in the area of ​​one workplace. The second option is called Kiik, and it is focused on providing energy to devices that have low power consumption, for example, various portable electronics. The last method of charging, Rayo, the most powerful, is able to provide energy space of up to 25 square meters and can even charge tablets.

At the moment, Wi-Charge technology passes the necessary stages of testing in order to identify the shortcomings of technology, as well as to learn about how it can (and can anyway) affect human health. If successful, the new technology will allow us to forget the wires forever and eliminate the need to frequently charge a mobile phone and other gadgets.