Possibilities of publications  

Publication in elibrary.ru (registred in RSCI)

  1. Specify the section number.
  2. Thesises should be submitted in MS Word in russian.
  3. The file name must begin with the surname of the main author and contain the surnames and initials of all authors. 
  4. Single interval, font Times New Roman, size 12. 
  5. Page parameters: indents of 2 cm, indent at the beginning of the paragraph 1.27 cm.
  6. The thesises size should be no more than two pages. 
  7. Fullfill the requirements of experts. (it includes russian antiplagiarism check)
  8. You may extend your thesises to complete paper (this is optional).
  9. Pay the basic fee.

Publication in IEEE Xplore.

  1. Specify the section number 
  2. Submit your thesises, follow all the steps above.
  3. Follow the IEEE pattern and extend your paper. It should not be the copy of your extended elibrary paper.
  4. Extended paper should be in english.
  5. Article size must not exceed 5 pages.
  6. File name must start with surname of main author.
  7. Submit your paper and fullfill the requirements of experts (it includes IEEE antiplagiarism check).
  8. Pay additional fee.

Any publication is possible only if one of the authors present it during conference.

Organization Committee claims the right to decline the articles not meeting the aforementioned requirements 

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