Paper publishing

The results of the conference will be published in two electronic digests: A.S. Popov Russian Science and Technical Society (indexed in eLibrary); and IEEE (indexed in Scopus). Authors submit one full article written in Russian or English depending on the digest they want to be published in. The requirements, paper submission workflow and submission cost depends on the digest selected by the authors. Rights for participation of the authors in both cases are equal; presentations should comply with the requirements which are same for both cases.

This website, being the official website of DSPA conference, accepts IEEE paper submissions. eLibrary paper submissions should be made on the website of A.S. Popov Russian Science and Technical Society:

After reviewing both paper types will be joined into one single conference programme.

Publishing in IEEE

1. If you want your paper to be published in the IEEE electronic library, you should ensure it's compliance with the IEEE requirements. The requirements and templates can be found on the following pages: LaTex or Word.

2. Paper should contain no less than 4 and no more than 6 pages.

3. Before submitting your paper you should decide which section you'll be publishing it in. List of all sections can be found here: Section list.

4. Paper submission is made through personal account, which can be created by visiting the following page: Register participant.

In order to submit your paper you should upload one PDF file. Please take note that the submitted paper will be registered in the list of papers intended for publication in IEEE. Two separate lists of submitted papers (for IEEE and RSCI) will be formed and later joined after the review process.

5. Paper submission should be performed in accordance with the information presented on the conference's important dates page. Please take note that the dates listed on this page could be changed later.

6. Papers' review will be performed in accordance with the dates listed on the conference's important dates page (see above). Authors will be notified of their papers' status changes and edit requests by e-mail.

7. If the paper gets rejected, it could be redirected to A.S. Popov Russian Science and Technical Society's digest. Translation from English to Russian in that case can be skipped, but the paper should be edited in order to be compliant with their rules (see section below).

8. If the paper gets an approving review, authors should make edits in accordance with the requirements presented in the review. Authors should then check the paper for compliance with the IEEE rules by using IEEE PDF eXpress service ( Conference ID: 53304X. Final paper then should be uploaded through the 'My Papers' page. Please use 'Add paper' button to upload a new version of the paper. Use version number in the file name.

9. Authors will be informed of inclusion in the conference programme and will be requested to pay the required fee. Information about fees is available here: Payment.

10. Publication in the IEEE requires the paper to be presented at the conference. DSPA2022 is planned to be done in online and offline joined participation format in order to accomodate organizers and participants' needs.

11. After the conference the participated papers will be forwarded to IEEE. Authors should make a document approving the delegation of rights for publication to IEEE (copyright form). If any additional actions should be taken by the authors, they will be notified.

Please take note that the papers' content will be checked for possible plagiarism by conference organization committee before submitting them to IEEE. IEEE performs the further checking and publishes the papers in the digest, which usually takes up to several months (up to 6). Authors will be notified about their publication by e-mail.

12. Indexing in the Scopus database (and possibly in other international databases) is performed automatically without the intervention from the DSPA organizers or IEEE, usually it takes up to several months starting from the day when the paper gets published in the IEEE library.

Publication in A.S. Popov Russian Science and Technical Society digest

1. If your paper presents value only to Russian readers, or you don't want your paper to be published in the international databases, or you prefer to publish the results of your research written in Russian language, or, if in your opinion, the level of your paper doesn't comply with the international requirements, the organizers of the conference are welcoming to publish your paper in the A.S. Popov Russian Science and Technical Society digest. This digest will be published in the eLibrary .

This year the paper submission to the DSPA conference procedure for IEEE and eLibrary indexing is split between websites and If you want your paper to be published in the latter, you should ensure your paper's compliance with the rules listed on the following website:

The process of paper submission and participation fees are presented there.

2. Authors submit their papers.

3. Papers get reviewed.

4. Authors get notified about their inclusion in the conference programme.

5. Conference programme will include both IEEE and eLibrary papers.

6. Please take note that additional events will be held at the DSPA2022 conference. Moreover, the online part of the conference will be performed using the website. So please, use the website to submit your papers, and watch for the current information about the conference status on the website.